Central Valley Hydrology Study

CVHS produced systemwide hydrology, which will be the basis for Central Valley studies for years to come.

Central Valley Flood Protection Plan

We are assessing flood risk reduction associated with Central Valley Flood Protection Plan alternatives.

HEC-RAS 2D application and training

We have successfully applied HEC-RAS 2D to real-world problems and trained new users.

Dam break & inundation analysis

We simulated inundation from dam failure using 1-D and 2-D hydraulic models for 8 dams across California.

West Sacramento seismic risk analysis

We estimated the change in flood risk associated with levee improvements for resistance to earthquake damage.

CWMS deployment campaign

We were the lead contractor for a Corps Water Management System nationwide deployment.

CVFED levee breach inundation mapping

We developed inundation maps based on hypothetical levee breaching of California State Plan of Flood Control levees.

Development of HEC-EFM

We developed a generalized software application to assess ecosystem response to flow regime.

CWMS testing and user's manual

We tested and wrote the user's manual for the new version of the Corps Water Management System.


We developed a custom tool to process a high volume of data and results for a system-wide hydrologic study.

Aviso real-time decision support system

We developed a flexible flood forecasting and warning decision support system to meet our clients' varying needs.


We developed a tool that efficiently queries flow-frequency information and produces design flood events.

Early applications

We have a track record of successful application development---dating from the start of the firm.