Our expertise

We provide river hydraulics analysis study design, one-dimensional steady and unsteady flow analyses, multidimensional flow analysis, and flow analysis with movable boundaries.

Select projects

Ford Engineers successfully applies HEC-RAS 2D and trains new users

As an IDIQ contractor to the US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC), we have been working closely with HEC staff as we apply the new HEC-RAS version 5.0 (Beta) combined 1D/2D hydraulic model on case studies and … Read more

Central Valley Hydrology Study

CVHS produced systemwide hydrology, which will be the basis for Central Valley studies for years to come. More than 1 million Californians live and work in the floodplains of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley where flood risks are among the highest … Read more

Central Valley Floodplain Evaluation and Delineation Program

We developed inundation maps based on hypothetical levee breaching of California State Plan of Flood Control levees. The Central Valley Floodplain Evaluation and Delineation (CVFED) program is aimed at improving the quality and accuracy of flood hazard data and mapping … Read more

Statewide dambreak inundation modeling and mapping for California emergency response planning

We simulated inundation from dam failure using 1-D and 2-D hydraulic models for 8 dams across California. The California Department of Water Resources sought to characterize flows and inundation areas resulting from the hypothetical failure of 8 dams throughout the … Read more

HEC-GeoRAS update elevation tool demo

In partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Hydrologic Engineering Center and the Environmental Systems Research Institute, we enhanced the computer program HEC-GeoRAS by developing the “update elevation tool.” The update elevation tool allows users to incorporate field survey … Read more