How should we account for climate change in future floodplain management decisions? David Ford joined a group of 100 leading experts to weigh in on this question.

The Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) Foundation invited David Ford, PhD, PE, D.WRE, president of the firm, to a special forum to help answer the question: What are the opportunities and challenges associated with accounting for climate change in decisions about flood and floodplain management?

The forum was in response to Executive Order (EO) 13690, issued in January, which states: “It is the policy of the United States to improve the resilience of communities and Federal assets against the impacts of flooding. These impacts are anticipated to increase over time due to the effects of climate change and other threats. Losses caused by flooding affect the environment, our economic prosperity, and public health and safety, each of which affects our national security. The Federal Government must take action, informed by the best-available and actionable science, to improve the Nation’s preparedness and resilience against flooding.”

This Gilbert F. White National Flood Policy forum held in September at George Washington University was an assembly of 100 of the nation’s leading experts. They sought to identify needs of practitioners, to understand the limits of science, and to identify opportunities for actions by agencies as they seek to comply with the EO. The ASFPM Foundation will report findings of the forum in future publications and will make recommendations to Federal agencies.