The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) developed a new version of the Corps Water Management System (CWMS), version 3.0. CWMS is a real-time decision support system that expands and enhances data and information available to USACE water managers. This includes data and information about the current state of watersheds, likely future state of watersheds, and consequences of management actions. The data and information help water managers make wise operation decisions.

Specifically, the CWMS graphical user interface, the CAVI, facilitates orchestrated use of real-time data and forecasts, the HEC-HMS precipitation-runoff model, HEC-ResSim reservoir operations model, HEC-RAS hydraulic model, and HEC-FIA flood impact analysis model. Version 3.0 includes major changes to the CAVI.

We tested the major functions of CWMS 3.0, including data acquisition, data visualization, watershed configuration, forecasting, and viewing results. We also tested new features such as MetVue, a preprocessor that generates observed meteorological (e.g., precipitation) input for HEC-HMS and a graphical parameter editor for HEC-HMS. Testing involved reviewing menus, options, and file structures, running through the CWMS workflow including configuring and executing forecast runs with HEC-HMS, HEC-ResSim, HEC-RAS, and HEC-FIA, and troubleshooting when CWMS did not function as expected.

We reported “bugs” using USACE’s Gemini reporting system, describing issues in detail and potential causes. Once issues were addressed, we confirmed whether or not the issue had been resolved or whether new issues arose from the resolution. We thought carefully about the CWMS workflow from the perspective of a water manager who must use CWMS on a daily basis, and we documented our workflow and design suggestions in a memorandum. Our suggestions were also informed by our extensive experience with previous versions of CWMS. As we tested CWMS and provided solutions and suggestions, HEC made changes to enhance the software.

In addition, we wrote the user's manual for CWMS 3.0, documenting the steps to configure and use CWMS in detail.